Mission Statement

Our Belief

We believe behaviour should be viewed from a systemic approach. A systemic behaviour approach extends the role of behaviour in maintaining the homeosis of the system

Our Aim

We aim to impart the systemic paradigm of thinking and methods to professionals working in human services

How We Get There

Providing quality training courses, professional development events, and continuous updated research

Cindy Hsiang - Lead Trainer

Cindy has been working with children on the autism spectrum and their families since 2000. She has vast experience supervising and training allied health professionals (e.g., behaviour therapists, psychologists) in relevant field across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific. Cindy is a BCBA and the principal registered psychologist at Aspiration Education and Development Clinic in Sydney, Australia. Cindy is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with like-minded professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions