Strength-Based Parenting Program


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The AEDC Strength-Based Parenting Program is an interactive 30-minute online training program funded by the Department of Social Services in Australia to support parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum. The program was developed by ASBA lead trainer Cindy Hsiang and is available for free here at ASBA with permission from Aspiration Education and Development Clinic (AEDC) in Sydney, Australia. 

Module 1 aims to support parents by navigating the diagnosis, identifying behaviours in developing children with autism and how to ‘see’ the holistic child through a ‘capable lens’.

Module 2 builds on parents’ strengths in managing behaviours by broadening the ‘capable lens’. Learn about your child’s challenging behaviour due to environment and their unique learning style, how to use a ‘capable lens’ and gain a perspective that ‘can’t’ does not equal to ‘won’t’.

Module 3 provides tools for parents to cope during stressful times. Accepting the impacts of autism on parents and family relations as well as practical strategies for parents.

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